Shawn and Ed Stratton with Shawn's 54.5" moose

Reference for: Ed Stratton, Alaska Big Game Outfitters
Hunter: Shawn 
I had the pleasure of doing a 10 day moose hunt in September with Ed Stratton as my guide.  From the time the plane touched down at camp, until our wheels were up on the way back to Anchorage, Ed was welcoming and made sure that I had everything I wanted.  The cabin was clean and very functional, the meals were excellent (I especially liked the smoked salmon that Ed had caught, smoked and jarred himself!!!)  While there was no cable TV due to the remoteness of the cabin, Ed has hundreds of DVD’s to choose from while in between hunts or waiting out weather.
The hunting experience was incredible.  Ed is a GREAT moose caller.  I have never seen moose be so responsive to a call.  He’s truly a master at calling in moose.  In fact, on day one, he called in a small bull and it literally made a scrape and laid down next to the decoy no more than 15 yards from our blind!!  We actually got a nice picture of us in the blind with the moose in the background!!!  Sounds far fetched, right?  Feel free to ask Ed to see the picture...
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I actually shot my bull on the 6th day of the hunt.  He came out along the riverbank about ¼ mile down river.  Ed called him in to directly across the river from us and he was on the ground inside 10 minutes from when we first saw him!!! He was a huge bodied, 54.5” monster!!!!  Ed took care of all of the cleaning, quartering and caping of the bull and was able to get me and my horns on a plane back to Anchorage the next day!!!
Awesome hunt, great amenities, excellent food, unbeatable people, and memories to last a lifetime!!!   I would not hesitate to recommend Ed to anyone who is looking for a killer moose hunt in Alaska!!!!