Ed scouting for moose

Our photographs are divided into three groups, because there are really three interrelated experiences involved when you hunt moose in Alaska with Ed as your guide.

First and foremost, there is the hunt itself, and there is really no better guide for this experience than Ed. He knows the hunting area intimately because he lives there, he’s an avid hunter, and he is a diligent and enthusiastic student of wildlife in the area. Click here for photos related to the hunting experience on the backside of Denali.

When you are hunting, you’ll be deep in the Alaskan wilderness, which is beautiful, majestic, and sometimes harsh. Seeing and experiencing nature, as it has existed for thousands of years, is something few people in the modern world will ever experience. Click here for photos of some of the scenery around Denali.

The hunting camp itself is 100 miles "off the grid". That in itself is an experience. The cabins are comfortable, the food is tremendous, and there are whatever comforts can be had this deep in the Alaskan wilderness. For instance, Internet access is spotty, but it does exist thanks to satellites, and although there isn’t cable TV, there is a great selection of DVDs to watch in the evenings. Click here to see photos of what it’s like to live in the wilderness, off the grid.