Alaska Big Game Guide

Moose Hunting Gear List 

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Gun/Ammo/Scope Covers and range finder Check with your airline regulations regarding your gun. 2 boxes of ammo. Range finder if you choose
Binos/Covers Waterproof, quality binos. The saying in Alaska is “if you ain’t  glassing you ain’t huntin”
Bug Dope I like the small Repel 1 oz. pump spray bottle but I rely primarily on keeping as much skin covered as possible when the bugs are bad.
Camera Waterproof camera and/or in ziploc bag
Headlamp/batteries Preferably LED
Knife 2 sharp knives or a Piranha if you are helping with skinning 
License/Locking Game Tag In a Ziploc bag
Back Pack Solid Frame backpack
Prescription drugs Enough for your stay
Rain gear Quality raingear
Sleeping Bag Rated to about 10 degrees Fahrenheit
Towel Light weight pack towel
Water Container Preferably wide mouth
Balaclava Fleece or polypro. They are the warmest item you can carry per pound!
Ball Cap and Warm Hat  
Boots Broken in and waterproof
Gloves/Mittens Waterproof/warm
Jacket Something warm, and a light weight. Layers work great here
Hip Boots Not neoprene. Most folks prefer ankle fit for walking
Long Underwear Tops and Bottoms At least 2 sets/ average temps between 25 to 50 degrees so be prepared for snow.
Pants Comfortable and stretchy and dry fast.
Socks Wool 3 pair and cotton for camp
Camp Shoes Running shoes or something else light.
Other Items  
Headnet Mosquitoes are Alaska’s State Bird
Personal Care Items All unscented

Dry Bags             


Alcohol and Tobacco

Bring enough for your stay!!!

All food is provided, so please let us know if you have any allergies. If there are any particular snacks you would like to have with you, please bring.

Very important: You are responsible to purchase your hunting license. This can be purchased online at, and will be mailed to you. Please do this in advance to ensure it arrives prior to your hunting trip.