Ed calling a moose with his homemade moose call

If you are the type of person seriously considering a trip to Alaska to hunt, you almost certainly are an avid hunter, enjoy adventure as a break from the routine, and appreciate and want to experience untouched nature, as it only exists in a few remote places.  You are also wise enough to know you’ll need a guide in the wilderness, and although you are capable of paying for a guided hunting trip to Alaska, you want your money’s worth--a true adventure of a lifetime and an experience you’ll never forget.

There are really two types of guided hunts/fishing expeditions for you to choose from—those with a luxurious home base lodge, from which you travel each day to a hunting area; and those where your base cabin is already far off the grid, and you are surrounded by prime hunting land when you walk out the door. The former are often ‘all inclusive’ arrangements, much like a Club Med—you just show up and everything is provided, while the ‘ off the grid’ hunts require you to bring some portion of what you’ll need to hunt—rifle, bug spray, etc.

As might be expected, the all-inclusive guided hunts are significantly more expensive, more choreographed, and you may not be sure who will be your guide. An off the grid hunting trip won't involve a five star hotel, and you’ll live closer to nature. The food will be excellent, the cabins clean and comfortable, and the hunting outstanding, but in the evening you won’t be hanging out at the bar ordering overpriced drinks. If you want alcoholic beverages, you bring your own, and the bar will be a campfire.

If you select Ed Stratton’s “Alaska Big Game Guides” for your hunt, you’ll be firmly in the ‘off the grid’ type of trip. Ed lives where he hunts, 100 miles off the grid on the backside of Denali National Park. It’s rustic, but the food (including smoked salmon) is delicious, the cabins cozy, and most importantly, you’ll be located in the middle of one of the richest hunting grounds and most scenic landscapes in the world.

Locally caught salmon being smoked

You’ll also know who your guide will be, and they don’t come any better. Ed is passionate about hunting, and knows the area intimately—where the moose travel, Grizzly migration patterns, how to call moose, where the Dall Sheep can be found, etc. He has been a registered guide for 30 years, and been hunting and living in this area for fifteen. Click here to read an interview with Ed, or here to read testimonials.

And the hunting experience with Ed is second to none. He’ll help coordinate your arrival, recommend how to get here, and generally deal with you personally as needed. Once at the cabins, he has all the equipment necessary to get you where you need to be to hunt (although you’ll be doing a lot of walking too). Alaska Big Game Guide’s fleet of backwoods transportation includes a Corvette engine powered airboat similar to those found in the Everglade, and an Argo, a eight wheeled amphibious vehicle for swampy areas that can also function as a boat. There is also access to quads (4X4 4-wheelers) and snow machines for the tundra and powder snow conditions as needed.

Home sweet hunting cabin

Your hosts for your ten day hunt

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